1.1 FireDAO Profile

FireDAO is a community-driven social DAO based on PID and FID soul-linked accounts, operating as a Web3 native DID identity protocol on the blockchain.

FireDAO is a social DAO based on the binding of PID and FID soul-linked accounts, initiated and established by the RainbowCity Foundation. As a native Web3 DID identity protocol based on blockchain technology, FireDAO operates on the Arbitrum one chain and aims to create a community-driven autonomous economic entity. Our goal is to revolutionize decentralized decision-making, sharing economy, and social interaction through the power and wisdom of the community, ultimately ushering in the creation of the "BIT Civilization."

We firmly believe that human society will enter an advanced civilization based on mathematics and algorithms due to the creation of Bitcoin, which we call the "Bitcoin Civilization." In our view, Bitcoin is the spark that ignites the "Bitcoin Civilization," and the Web3 world we are vigorously building now is the soul of the "Bitcoin Civilization," with DAO organizations as the soul of Web3. To keep the flame of civilization burning continuously, stronger and longer, the supply of civilization fuel is essential. The "FireDAO" we are launching today is the fuel for the "flame of civilization." Through the creation and continuation of "FireDAO," we hope to provide a steady supply of fuel for the roaring fire of the "Bitcoin Civilization," passing on wisdom and fueling civilization.

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