4.1 Three Ecological Tokens

FireDAO implements a token economy model called "3+2+7+1+X" to sustain and maintain the operation and expansion of the entire on-chain economy. In the initial phase, there are more than 10 different types of tokens that serve this purpose. The ultimate goal is to create a self-sustaining, continuously evolving, and perpetually running on-chain super economy that embodies the true spirit of encryption. The "3" refers to three ecological tokens: FireDAO governance token: FDT, FireDAO incentive token: FLM, and FireDAO identity token: FireSeed.

Introduction of 3 Ecological Tokens

NoNameSymbolTypePositionSupplyToken Details


FireDAO Token



FireDAO Governance Token

10 billion

FDT is the governance token of the FireDAO ecosystem and serves as its core token. Holders of FDT have governance rights over the entire ecosystem, and the entire ecosystem is built around FDT.

FireDAO determines the long-term holding information of users based on the Soulbound token, SBT-001 to determine ecosystem reward ratios.





FireDAO Incentive Token

100 billion

FLM is the incentive token of the FireDAO ecosystem and is distributed to various participants within the ecosystem as incentives. In the FireDAO ecosystem, FLM can be exchanged for governance token FDT at a value of 0.01 USD per token. The exchanged FDT tokens are linearly released at the speed of each block, with the complete release taking two years. FireDAO determines users' long-term contribution information based on the Soulbound token, SBT-002 to provide specific incentives to long-term contributors in the ecosystem.





FireDAO Identity Token

1 million times

FireSeed is the identity token of the FireDAO ecosystem and is used for FID generation and referral rewards. Joining FireDAO requires burning one FireSeed token to generate a Soulbound Account called FireSoul, which allows individuals to become official members of FireDAO. FireSeed is also used to determine referral relationships. When a wallet transfers one FireSeed token to another wallet that has never received FireSeed before, the transferring wallet becomes the referrer of the receiving wallet, establishing the referral relationship within the FireDAO ecosystem.

FireDAO calculates users' overall referral performance based on the Soulbound token, SBT-003 and provides specific incentives to community members with outstanding referral performance.

FireSeed can be minted a maximum of 1 million times, with regular user wallets able to mint a maximum of 100 tokens in a single transaction, and official whitelisted wallets able to mint a maximum of 1000 tokens in a single transaction.

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