1.6.3 Annual Roadmap

The annual roadmap will be optimized and adjusted based on the actual market conditions.

  1. Q1 2023: FireDAO officially launches the mainnet of its PID product, marking the official start of the FireDAO project. At the same time, FireDAO actively solicits suggestions for the ecosystem whitepaper from the global community, with the seed community actively participating.

  2. Q2 2023: During this phase, FireDAO continues the development and testing of its core products, gradually realizing the launch of the testnet. These core products include but are not limited to FireSeed, FireSoul, on-chain reputation, city nodes, and global guilds. Based on these products, FireDAO will build a complete Web3 on-chain identity system and conduct testing of core products with the global community.

  3. Q3 2023: FireDAO's core products will be launched on the mainnet one by one, and seed mining and consensus mining activities targeting the global community will officially commence. At the same time, the governance token FDT will be traded on the secondary market, running parallel with the primary market, ultimately achieving the true cold start of the FireDAO project.

  4. Q4 2023: During this phase, FireDAO will officially achieve its cold start and gradually enter the stage of refined operations. FireDAO will particularly focus on the refined operation of global guilds. At the same time, FireDAO will formally transfer governance permissions, gradually transferring various management rights of the protocol to the community governance DAO, enabling the community governance DAO to ultimately control the development of the entire FireDAO. This step is taken to progressively achieve the true decentralization of FireDAO and embark on a journey of boundless possibilities!

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