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FireDAO is an initiative of the RainbowCity Foundation, collaborating with top talent from the crypto community through FireSeed Labs to create and operate the project.

What is RainbowCity Foundation?

The RainbowCity Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by Mr. Kunyuan and based in Singapore, Asia. The foundation believes that Satoshi Nakamoto's creation of Bitcoin has ushered in a new civilization for human society, a civilization built on the foundation of mathematics and algorithms, known as the "Bitcoin civilization."

The foundation sees decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) as the fundamental building blocks of this future "Bitcoin civilization" society. As globalization and integration intensify, the current development bottleneck of human civilization becomes more apparent. DAOs are seen as the most important tool to overcome this bottleneck and propel human civilization into the era of the "Bitcoin civilization."

The mission of the RainbowCity Foundation is to create a model market for the "Bitcoin civilization" by establishing and practicing true DAOs, starting with the creation of FireDAO as the first step. Through the establishment of a new on-chain DID identity system centered around FireDAO, the foundation aims to lay the groundwork for the original identity system of the Bitcoin civilization as it gradually becomes the underlying identity system for the entire Web3 world.

As FireDAO evolves, the RainbowCity Foundation will also evolve into the "RainbowCity DAO," a true embodiment of the principles of Satoshi Nakamoto and the future city-state of human civilization, serving as our ideal "Utopia" and ultimately becoming a super-economy that realizes the "Bitcoin civilization."

It will reshape the landscape of future human civilization, becoming the most complex, largest, and most intricate new species in the future of human civilization.

Who is Mr. Kunyuan

Mr. Kunyuan, also known as Mr. FireDAO, is a seasoned serial entrepreneur in the traditional e-commerce industry and accumulated rich practical experience in frontline entrepreneurship. In 2017, he became acquainted with Bitcoin and gradually became a dedicated follower and believer in Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin, making it his lifelong mission to propel human civilization into the era of the "Bitcoin civilization."

In 2018, Mr. Kunyuan founded ChainNode, the most influential Chinese cryptocurrency learning community at that time, with over 5,000 students joining. ChainNode played a significant role in promoting the dissemination of cryptocurrency knowledge among the global Chinese community.

With extensive experience in the crypto world, Mr. Kunyuan served as the highest leader of the community at FCoin, one of the most influential community-based exchanges in the Chinese world.

In 2018, he was elected as the first community council member of FCoin through a global community vote and appointed as the Executive Vice Chairman of the Community Council, overseeing all aspects of the FCoin community's work. In the second half of 2018 and the first half of 2019, Mr. Kunyuan, together with FCoin's founder Zhang Jian, led the community's revitalization efforts, making FCoin Exchange once again one of the most influential exchanges globally in the first half of 2019.

However, as many of Mr. Kunyuan's ideas could not be effectively implemented within the FCoin community, and he felt that the community had not reached the ideal state of community autonomy, he chose to resign from all positions within the FCoin community in June 2019 and began preparations for the RainbowCity project. In a way, RainbowCity is the continuation of the community-based thinking of FCoin 2.0 and a continuous exploration of the true spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto.

In July 2021, Mr. Kunyuan first introduced the concept of the "Bitcoin civilization" on Bitcointalk, a forum established by Satoshi Nakamoto, and wrote over 50 articles to popularize the ideas of Bitcoin, hoping to promote the development of the global crypto industry and uphold the true spirit of decentralization embodied by Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin.

Mr. Kunyuan believes that in the process of creating the Bitcoin civilization, a super-economy that upholds the spirit of decentralization will inevitably emerge as the foundation, constructed in the form of decentralized protocols, and will integrate different economic behaviors in the crypto world into a unified economy, becoming the underlying infrastructure of future human civilization. RainbowCity and FireDAO were officially established against this backdrop. Mr. Kunyuan and his team have spent a full five years preparing for this, and in February 2023, they officially launched the creation of the FireDAO project.

Mr. Kunyuan's English Twitter: https://twitter.com/FireDAOKun

Mr. Kunyuan's Chinese Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitcivKun

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