1.5.1 Minting PID to Obtain Forum ID

To participate in the FireDAO ecosystem, the first step is to mint a PID (Passport ID) NFT and obtain a FireDAO forum account.

As a first step to join the FireDAO ecosystem, we invite you to mint a FirePassport NFT to obtain a unique PID (Passport ID). With a PID, you become a prospective Rainbow Warrior and gain access to a FireDAO forum account, allowing you to actively participate in the development of the FireDAO ecosystem. It's important to note that the forum account can only be obtained through minting a PID, and the account is linked directly to the wallet address used for minting, becoming part of the FireDAO community member identity system.

Here are some important links related to the PID:

If you need guidance on how to mint a PID, we have provided the following tutorials:

We look forward to having you join us in building the FireDAO ecosystem!

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