3.2 Philosophy: Vision, Mission, Values

We are enthusiasts and believers in the world of cryptography, and we are followers of Satoshi Nakamoto. We believe that human society will gradually enter an advanced civilization built upon the foundations of mathematics and algorithms, and we call it the "Bit Civilization."

In our view, Bitcoin is the "tinder" that ignites the "Bit Civilization", and the Web3 world we are currently constructing is the soul of the "Bit Civilization". DAO is the soul of Web3, and therefore, DAO is also the soul of the "Bit Civilization". To keep the "flame of civilization" burning brighter and longer, we need a constant supply of fuel. That is why we are launching FireDAO today – it is the fuel for the "flame of civilization". Through the creation and continuation of "FireDAO", we aim to embark on a social experiment exploring the Web3 soul. We hope to provide a continuous supply of fuel, passing on and igniting the "spark" for the blazing fire of the "Bit Civilization", carrying wisdom and fueling its growth. We aspire for the radiance of the "Rainbow Warriors" to illuminate the entire world.

We will unite with the global Web3 crypto community, collecting FireSeeds, passing FireSeeds, distributing flames, burning FireSeeds, casting FireSouls, and creating PID and FID. We hope that through this social experiment of exploring Web3 Soul, we can ultimately establish a global DAO collaborative system, a global DAO value distribution system and a global DAO community governance system that transcends nations, regions, religions, races, ethnicities, skin colors and languages. Ultimately creating an on-chain super economy that embodies the true spirit of encryption.

Throughout the creation of "FireDAO", we will fully adhere to the core principles and values of the cryptographic world: "openness, fairness, justice, co-creation, co-governance, co-ownership, freedom, transparency, decentralization". Guided by these principles and spirits, we seek to establish a truly pure DAO organization. We hope to lead the evolution and development of DAOs in the entire cryptographic world, ultimately creating a model and blueprint for the expansion of global DAO organizations.

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