5.6 FLM Soul Airdrop and Rewards

In order to expand the FID Web3 identity system better and faster, the FireDAO ecosystem will conduct the most extensive airdrop in the history of Web3. The FireDAO official team will screen active wallet addresses on the chain, and at the same time issue various types of community activity badges (SBBs) for active users in the entire crypto world to mint. For those users who have already minted the SBB, the FireDAO community will conduct various types of free airdrops, airdropping FLMs to those active users.

The FLMs received by the airdrop can be exchanged for the governance token FDT in the official exchange pool. The price of FDT is subject to the real-time price of the secondary market transactions. At the same time, the exchanged FDTs start to be unlocked at the speed of each block, and it will be released linearly within about two years.

To receive airdrops, users must have a PID. Without a PID, users cannot receive airdrops. After the FLMs in the airdrop pool have been claimed, the official team can continue to inject FLMs into the pool to ensure the continuity of the airdrop. When the FLMs in the airdrop pool are completely used up and no longer injected, those who have not received the airdrop will no longer be able to participate.

For more specific policies on FLM soul airdrops, please refer to the actual operation documents in the future.

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