3.4 How to join FireDAO

Joining FireDAO does not require permission, anyone can join automatically through smart contracts.

Firstly, anyone can mint a FirePassport and be assigned a PID through the "FireDAO Protocol" registration contract, becoming a Rainbow Recruit of FireDAO with basic participation rights in the ecosystem. When minting a PID, users will also simultaneously create an account for the FireDAO ecosystem forum, allowing them to participate in forum discussions and contribute to the global social system. The forum account can only be created through the registration of a PID and cannot be obtained through other means. To prevent the proliferation of spam accounts, a small amount of ETH will be charged as a registration fee for each PID registration, minimizing different types of witch attacks.

We will pass on the FireSeeds within the global Web3 encrypted community. Any community member who possesses a FireSeed can burn it to mint a "FireSoul" account and generate an FID (Fire Identity), becoming a Rainbow Warrior of FireDAO with full participation rights in the ecosystem.

The FireSoul account is the "Soul Account" of each official DAO member, minted in the form of an ERC721 token that is non-transferable. It primarily stores the different SBTs received by each official DAO member. Each SBT records the community behavior of the member and is used to evaluate their various community contributions.

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