2.3 Creation and Mission of RainbowCity

To better practice "Bit Civilization", a group of believers in Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin have come together to establish a non-profit organization called the "RainbowCity Foundation" as the core organization dedicated to embodying the principles of Bit Civilization. "RainbowCity" will serve as a digital city-state of Bit Civilization based on the principles of "Token Economy" and "Community Governance". It will be a decentralized community autonomous organization, a blockchain DAO organization, and an economic consortium that truly upholds the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin. Every participant in RainbowCity will be a "Rainbow Warrior" carrying the sacred flame of human civilization.

We will re-sign the "Rainbow Covenant" with God under the banner of "Rainbow", using machines and code to create trust and build a new civilization for humanity in harmony with natural laws. Based on this, the "RainbowCity Foundation" will launch a series of Web3 projects to gradually implement the great plan of the "Bit Civilization". The first project we are initiating and creating is "FireDAO".

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