4.2 Soulbound Account and FID Reputation System

FireSoul, Token Type: ERC721 extension, Non-transferable, Soulbound.

FireSoul is the Soul Account of FireDAO and is minted by burning the identity token, FireSeed. When a user mints a Soul Account, they become an official member of FireDAO. Each Soul Account is assigned a FID, which will produce the "on-chain reputation" of that account.

Each wallet can only mint one Soul Account and generate one FID, which is non-transferable. The Soul Account records the different SBTs owned by the wallet. Each SBT has a different weight coefficient, and the comprehensive weight of a Soul Account is calculated by multiplying the SBT holding quantity by the weight coefficient. This comprehensive weight becomes the "on-chain reputation" score of the Soul Account. On-chain reputation is calculated using the independent ERC20 token FRT. The voting power of each member of FireDAO is determined by the amount of FRT in their Soul Account.

Through community governance via universal voting, the FireSoul Soul Account can be upgraded to add or reduce the types of SBTs and adjust the weight coefficients of different SBTs. This process recalculates the account of FRT.

Soul Accounts can be burned and terminated, severing the relationship with the DAO. When an account is burned, the SBTs within the account are also destroyed. To regenerate a Soul Account, one FireSeed token needs to be burned again.

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