1.5.3 Forum Bounty Program

FireDAO forum is where community members interact and contribute.They offer tasks through the Bounty Program, like Twitter marketing, and members can earn rewards in FLM tokens for their contribution.

Participation Method

To participate in FireDAO's forum bounty program, there are currently three ways to get involved:

  1. Publish Original Articles: Create original articles about FireDAO and include the #FireDAO hashtag. Remember to tag @FireDAOlab when publishing.

  2. Engage with Official Twitter: Actively like, retweet, and comment on tweets from FireDAO's official Twitter account @FireDAOlab, as well as interact with the tweets of the founders.

  3. Join Popular Discussions: Comment on popular KOL tweets related to FireDAO and include the #FireDAO hashtag.

Please note that when mentioning @FireDAOlab and including the #FireDAO hashtag in your tweets, it ensures that your task completion can be tracked.

Active and contributing community members will have the opportunity to receive more generous FLM rewards.

Participation Rules:

  1. Participants must be FireDAO members who hold a PID.

  2. The content of the tweets should be informative and highlight the characteristics of FireDAO as much as possible.

  3. Participants must keep their tweets throughout the bounty campaign period.

  4. Inappropriate or spam tweets are not allowed.

Note: FLM tokens can always be exchanged for FDT at a rate of 0.01 U. The exchanged FDT tokens will be released at the speed of each block, and the release will be completed within two years.

Other sections of the forum will also release various special bounty tasks according to actual situations, enabling FireDAO members to contribute. These tasks will further encourage and incentive active participation and contributions from the FireDAO community.

FireDAO encourages all community members to actively participate in the activities on the forum to collectively promote the development of the FireDAO ecosystem.

Bounty Program: https://forum.firedao.co/index.php?board=72.0

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