6.2 Community Participation and Contribution Guide

FireDAO is a community-driven project, we are welcome and encourage all community members to participate and contribute to our ecosystem. This guide will help you understand how to engage with the FireDAO community and provide valuable contributions.

How to Participate

At FireDAO, we believe that everyone has unique abilities and perspectives that can bring value to our community. There are various ways you can get involved, such as:

  • Share your opinions, suggestions, or feedback on our forum.

  • Take part in community discussions and share your thoughts and experiences with other members.

  • Provide suggestions for improvements or report issues with our projects.

  • Assist other community members in resolving issues or understanding how FireDAO works.

Whatever method of participation you choose, you are warmly welcome to contribute.

Contribution Guidelines

We encourage everyone to contribute to FireDAO, not only limited to coding. Here are some ways you can contribute:

  • Submit code or documentation improvements.

  • Report or address issues in our open-source projects.

  • Propose improvements to our community rules or processes.

  • Provide feedback on our products or services.

  • Promote FireDAO within your own community or network.

All contributions should align with our code of conduct, and we expect everyone to interact in a respectful and friendly environment.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us at support@firedao.co. Our team will respond to you promptly.

Join us in building a stronger FireDAO community together!

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