1.5.4 FireDAO Community Volunteers

ireDAO has a Community Volunteer Program that allows early contributors with a certain level of Zealy points to apply as volunteers.

Roles and Responsibilities of Various Guilds

The initial FireDAO community volunteers will be recruited and managed by different guilds, each with its specific roles and responsibilities. We will start with the following guilds, and others will be launched gradually:

  1. Operations Guild: Responsible for recruiting community managers and maintaining various FireDAO communities, including the forum, Discord, Reddit, Telegram, etc. Members of the Operations Guild will ensure community engagement, plan and execute various activities to increase user participation and community vitality.

  2. Marketing Guild: Responsible for recruiting marketing professionals and driving the marketing efforts of FireDAO. Members of the Marketing Guild will conduct market analysis, develop and implement marketing strategies to maximize the influence and appeal of FireDAO.

  3. Translation Guild: Responsible for recruiting community translators to ensure accurate and timely communication of FireDAO's information to global community members. Members of the Translation Guild will be responsible for translating official announcements, blog posts, and other important information from FireDAO to help community members in different languages better understand FireDAO.

  4. Development Guild: Responsible for recruiting smart contract auditors to ensure the security of the FireDAO platform. Members of the Development Guild will conduct audits of smart contracts, identify and fix potential security issues, and ensure the stable operation of the FireDAO platform.

  5. Design and Video Guild: Responsible for recruiting meme creators to enrich the visual elements of the community. Members of the Design and Video Guild will create engaging and innovative meme images and videos to enhance the community's appeal and entertainment.

Reward Mechanism

Outstanding community members can join guilds in different ways and enjoy fixed or flexible amounts of FLM rewards on a weekly or monthly basis. This rewards system incentivizes active participation from community members and ensures the continuous development of the FireDAO community.

The FireDAO community volunteer program is an essential part of the FireDAO community building, and we look forward to the active participation of every member in driving the development of FireDAO.

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