3.6 Community Activities

FireDAO is not only a Web3 on-chain DID identity system based on PID and FID, but also a community composed of leaders, creators, builders, believers, and supporters deeply involved in cryptocurrency. It is a social DAO. We firmly believe that Web3 will ultimately change the world. Therefore, enhancing communication and interaction among community members is one of the fundamental missions of FireDAO. We aim to build a carefully curated community centered around PID and FID, consisting of like-minded individuals. Through various types of events, we seek to connect each community member's "on-chain identity" with their "offline life", allowing them to meet new friends they would not encounter anywhere else and foster interaction and friendship among each other.

To strengthen communication and interaction among global community members, bridging their "on-chain identity" and "offline life", we will organize different types of activities both online and offline. Online, we will establish the FireDAO community ecosystem forum, enabling community members from different regions around the world to engage in deep discussions through the forum. Offline, we will focus on city nodes and organize various face-to-face community meet-up events, providing global DAO members with opportunities for different types of offline interactions. This is the original intention behind the establishment of our social DAO.

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