5.4 Global Community Management System

In order to better create the FireDAO global community system and build the FireDAO global community ecology, we have built a FireDAO global community management system based on languages. Anyone can apply to create a global ecological community for FireDAO, and submit a proposal to the Interim Management Group of FireDAO Global Community in the name of the ecological community, and apply for the community funds.

The Interim Management Group of FireDAO Global Community is appointed by the chairman of the RainbowCity Foundation, who serves as the team leader and has a veto power over the Interim group proposals. When the ecological development of FireDAO is gradually going on track, the authority of each administrator of the FireDAO protocol is successively transferred to the community governance DAO, which manages and governs, and makes decisions in the form of community referendums. FireDAO will ultimately realize fully decentralized governance.

The FireDAO global community system is initially divided into 16 languages, namely English, Chinese, Malay, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Korean, German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Indian languages, Indonesian, Italian, Filipino language and Turkish. We will set up exclusive discussion boards in the FireDAO forum for these 16 languages. If a community member's native language is not among these, he or she can also apply for an independent community in his own native language, as long as the overall assessment requirements can be met.

For more specific policies on the FireDAO global community system, please refer to the follow-up special management documents.

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