3.1 Positioning

FireDAO is a social DAO based on PID and FID Soulbound accounts, initiated and established by the RainbowCity Foundation. It is a community-driven on-chain autonomous economic entity and a Web3 native DID identity protocol built on blockchain technology. FireDAO is built on the Arbitum One mainnet. Based on PID, FireDAO focuses on Soul Accounts and FID, combining different types of Soulbound tokens to calculate "on-chain reputation" scores, ultimately establishing a native Web3 on-chain DID identity protocol.

Once the FireDAO protocol reaches a certain stage of development, any Web3 native project can integrate the DID identity system of FireDAO to engage in various types of on-chain financial activities based on "on-chain reputation". Additionally, various types of soul airdrops can be conducted for the owners of PID and FID, making the FireDAO on-chain identity protocol a true infrastructure for the entire Web3 world.

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