5.5 Ecology Forum

The mission of FireDAO is to provide fuel for the evolution of Bit Civilization, ignite the fire of civilization, pass on wisdom, and help ignite civilization. Therefore, promoting the evolution of Bit Civilization on a global scale will be our core work.

In order to promote in-depth communication in the Bitcoin community, Satoshi Nakamoto created the Bitcointalk forum. The Bitcointalk forum has thus become a holy place for exchanges in the Bitcoin community, and this has also become the biggest legacy by Satoshi Nakamoto to the Bitcoin community. In order to follow the footsteps of Satoshi Nakamoto, we created the FireDAO ecology forum as the most important base to promote the evolution of Bit Civilization.

Although the forum was born in the Web1.0 era, it is different from the fragmented information produced by Web2.0. The forum can generate and accumulate in-depth knowledge and content. Therefore, FireDAO chooses the forum as the most prominent base for global community members for in-depth communication. We also use the Bitcointalk forum’s management system, which is a tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Like the Bitcointalk forum, we will set Merit points and Activity points in the FireDAO forum as the criteria for evaluating community members. At the same time, we will also set up the FLM and FireSeed forum point system. Community members can obtain FLM and FireSeed rewards through the forum, and can exchange them with FLMs and FireSeeds on the chain. In this way, the contribution system of the entire community can be more complete and perfect.

The FireDAO forum member is not free to register, it can only be registered automatically by minting a PID. For more specific policies on the FireDAO global ecological forum, please refer to the actual operating documents of the forum.

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