2.4 Creation and Mission of FireDAO

In the history of human civilization, there has never been an invention as impactful as fire. From the discovery of fire by ancient humans in the East to Prometheus stealing fire in Western mythology, fire has accompanied every step of human civilization's evolution. Fire is one of the most essential tools for human civilization. It can be said that without fire, there would be no humanity, let alone human civilization. Fire provides warmth and light during cold winter nights, and food processed by fire becomes more easily digestible, further promoting the development of the human brain and distinguishing humans from animals. Thus, fire is the driving force behind human intelligence and has propelled humanity into the age of civilization.

The ability to use fire became a significant distinguishing factor between humans and other organisms on Earth. Fire has created human civilization, enabled the passing down of human civilization, and has guided humanity's continuous progress. From the moment humans first encountered fire, they embarked on a path to redefine themselves and shape the world. Fire has propelled the development of civilization, culture, and technology, driving human evolution. Fire has not only transformed us as humans but has also bestowed upon us the ability to change the world. Fire is no longer confined to humanity but guides the continuous evolution of human civilization!

In ancient Greek mythology, there was no fire on Earth, no light to illuminate, and no fire to cook food. Humans had to endure long dark nights in endless darkness. Prometheus, witnessing the suffering of humanity, stole a tinder from the sun god Apollo to bring warmth and light to the human realm. As punishment for his actions, Zeus chained Prometheus to a cliff in the Caucasus Mountains where he endured hunger, wind, scorching sun, rainstorms and eagle attacks. It was thanks to Prometheus' stolen fire that humanity became filled with warmth and light.

In the Book of Genesis 1:3 of the Old Testament of the Bible: And God said, "Let there be light", and there was light.

When the spark of fire ignited in the human realm, light was born. When the seven colors of the rainbow converge, light is also born. Fire and the rainbow are both embodiments of light.

In 2009, when Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, when the "Genesis Block" of Bitcoin was mined, the spark of a new civilization began to burn, giving birth to an advanced human civilization built on the foundations of mathematics and algorithms. Humanity basks in the new "light of civilization". This is what we refer to as the "Bit Civilization".

"Bit Civilization" fundamentally distinguishes itself from existing human civilizations and represents the world we explore in the Web3 realm. Bitcoin, created by Satoshi Nakamoto, is like the stolen fire of Prometheus, bringing new light to the evolution of existing human civilization. Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin onto the Earth, igniting the flames of a wise civilization.

In our view, Bitcoin is the tinder that ignites the "Bit Civilization", and the Web3 world we are vigorously constructing is the soul of "Bit Civilization". DAO organizations represent the soul of Web3 and, therefore, the soul of "Bit Civilization". DAO organizations will become the basic units of future human civilization. When thousands of DAO organizations truly embrace the spirit of decentralization, the foundation of the "Bit Civilization" will begin to take shape.

To keep the flame of civilization burning continuously, we need a supply of fuel for civilization. The FireDAO we are initiating and creating today represents the fuel for the "flame of civilization". Through the creation and continuity of "FireDAO", we aim to provide a constant supply of fuel for the blazing fire of the "Bit Civilization", passing on wisdom and fueling civilization. Every participant in the FireDAO ecosystem is a "Rainbow Warrior" embodying the true spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin.

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