1.9.3 Historical Articles by RainbowKun

坤元先生(Mr. Kunyuan), under the pseudonym "RainbowKun," published a series of original articles on the nature of Bitcoin on the Bitcointalk forum created by Satoshi Nakamoto in July 2021.

Since Mr. Kunyuan got in-depth touch with Bitcoin in 2018, he has been a strong believer in Bitcoin and Satoshi Nakamoto. Mr. Kunyuan firmly believes that Bitcoin is a creation that spans civilizations. At the same time, Mr. Kunyuan has been thinking about the underlying wisdom and philosophy behind Bitcoin. Starting from July 1, 2021, Mr. Kunyuan spent 3 months publishing more than 50 articles on Bitcoin thoughts on the Bitcointalk forum created by Satoshi Nakamoto. The original article had a major impact and generated extensive discussions throughout the crypto world. As a result,

At that time, Mr. Kunyuan published a total of nearly 60 original articles, and here are some excerpts to share:

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