3.7 Expansion of FireDAO Ecosystem

FireDAO is a social DAO organization based on PID and FID Soulbound accounts, serving as a community-driven on-chain autonomous economy. With the Soul Account as the center, FireDAO combines different types of SBTs to calculate the "on-chain reputation" score and ultimately establishes a native Web3 on-chain DID identity protocol.

In the initial stage of expanding the FireDAO ecosystem, our core focus is to build a comprehensive Web3 on-chain DID identity system. We aim to rapidly reach 100,000 minted PIDs and 10,000 minted FIDs, making us one of the most influential DAO communities globally.

As the number of PIDs and FIDs continues to grow, our Web3 identity protocol will become the underlying infrastructure for the entire Web3 world. Whether within the FireDAO ecosystem or outside of it, any crypto project can integrate our Web3 identity protocol and seamlessly integrate the community members of FireDAO with these Web3 products, creating a more transparent and open Web3 ecosystem. This aligns with the scenarios mentioned in the research paper by Vitalik Buterin and others.

Once the PID and FID identity system of FireDAO has reached a certain stage of development, we will expand into various ecosystems, including but not limited to:

Decentralized domain name system based on PID and FID;

Unsecured or partially collateralized lending market based on on-chain reputation;

Behavior badge system based on SBTs;

Social recovery system based on SBTs;

NFT soul issuance market based on SBTs;

DAO governance system based on on-chain reputation;

Soul airdrops targeting SBTs;

Diversified assets in the form of SBTs, such as manuscripts, real estate, certificates, artworks, and more.

These are the domains that FireDAO will gradually expand into in the future. Together, we aim to achieve the vision of DeSoc and BitCiv - a world where decisions are made collectively. In this world, souls can gather with communities from the bottom up, becoming emerging attributes for each other, ultimately building a diverse on-chain society. This is the "Bit Civilization" we seek to construct.

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