1.5.2 Zealy Early Contributors Program

FireDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) committed to upholding the true spirit of decentralization. It aims to involve community members in contributing to the DAO's development and be an integral part of the ecosystem's growth.

To further advance the global FireDAO ecosystem, the Early Contributors Program has been established on the Zealy platform. This program aims to attract crypto users worldwide to participate in the global ecosystem development of FireDAO. Early contributors play a crucial role in the success and advancement of FireDAO, contributing to the creation of a stronger and more prosperous global crypto community.

To participate in the Early Contributors Program, you can visit the following website: https://zealy.io/c/firedao/questboard. This platform allows you to engage in various tasks and contribute to the FireDAO ecosystem.

As recognition and rewards for the contributions and achievements of early contributors, FireDAO will issue various NFT badges.

Early contributors to FireDAO enjoy the following privileges and opportunities:

  1. Early involvement: Witness and participate in the development process of FireDAO, providing valuable feedback and suggestions for its products and services.

  2. Influence decision-making: The voices of early contributors are heard and valued, providing an opportunity to participate in important discussions and decisions that shape the development direction of FireDAO.

  3. Rewards: Enjoy generous reward mechanisms, including token rewards, exclusive airdrops, and other incentive programs.

  4. Community recognition: Become a member of the FireDAO community, establishing connections with other early contributors and crypto community members, and gaining a unique community role and identity.

In addition, FireDAO provides additional opportunities and benefits for early contributors:

  • FireDAO OG Whitelist: Achieving a certain level on the Zealy platform grants eligibility for the FireDAO OG Whitelist, allowing participation in the OG round token sale of FireDAO's governance token, FDT.

  • Zealy platform XP to FLM conversion: Early contributors can accumulate XP points on the Zealy task platform and convert them to FireDAO incentive token FLM at a specified exchange rate through the FireDAO forum.

  • FireDAO Ecosystem Forum Incentives: Encourages active participation in the development of the FireDAO ecosystem forum, with additional rewards of FLM tokens.

For more detailed information about the Early Contributors Program, you can refer to additional articles and resources provided within the program.

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