5.1 FireSeed Invitation & Referral System

In order to better promote the establishment of the Web3 on-chain identity system, FireDAO particularly implements a referral reward system, and the referral relationships between different community members are confirmed by the transmission of FireSeed. When a wallet transfers 1 FireSeed to another wallet that has never had any FireSeed before, this wallet can become the referrer of the receiving wallet. In this way the referral relations are determined in the FireDAO ecosystem.

Referral rewards are distributed only up to three levels. The upward referral levels are the first-level referrer, second-level referrer, and third-level referrer. The downward referral levels are the first-level referred user, second-level referred user, and third-level referred user. When an ecological activity generates income, this income is distributed to the three levels of referrers according to the predetermined allocation ratio. Each level of referrer enjoys a different distribution weight.

Referral Reward Allocation Ratio


First-level referrer


Second-level referrer


Third-level referrer




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